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Zuihō Yamaguchi

Zuiho Yamaguchi (山口 瑞鳳, Yamaguchi Zuihō, born 21 February 1926) is a Japanese Buddhologist and Tibetologist. He is an emeritus professor at the University of Tokyo, where he also took his doctorate degree in Sanskrit in 1954. He also studied in Paris and for many years was a researcher at the Tōyō Bunko. He retired in 1986.
      Zuiho Yamaguchi specializes in the history of Tibet and studied include the manuscripts of Dunhuang, but also dealt with other subjects, such as the Tibetan calendar which he published a work in 1973 in Japanese. He also did a thorough investigation of facts surrounding emperor Langdarma, where he challenged the assertion that Langdarma was a persecutor of Buddhism and a supporter of Bon. (Source Accessed June 19, 2020)

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