What Is Buddha-Nature? by Wulstan Fletcher

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What Is Buddha-Nature? by Wulstan Fletcher - 4 of 4
Wulstan Fletcher explains buddha-nature as the deepest aspect of oneself, a wellspring of goodness and wisdom that is always present. One only needs to uncover it in order to experience true happiness. He describes it as something that can be relied upon in times of great suffering, as it can remind one that the suffering that is experienced is impermanent and is something that can be removed.
Featuring Wulstan Fletcher
Creator Tsadra Foundation
Director Perman, M.
Producer Tsadra Foundation
Event Wulstan Fletcher Interview on Buddha-Nature (, Rhinebeck, New York)
Related Website Buddha-Nature
Creation Date 9 November 2019
Citation Fletcher, Wulstan. “What Is Buddha-Nature?” Interview by Marcus Perman. Tsadra Foundation Research Department, November 9, 2019. Video, 4:36. https://youtu.be/1XmwW45aGio.