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PeopleKun spangs thugs rje brtson 'grus

Kunpang Tukje Tsöndru(1243 - 1313) 
Kunpang Tukje Tsondru (kun spangs thugs rje brtson 'grus) as he was later known, was born in 1243 in the Dok (mdog) region of Tsang. He studied in many of the monasteries of U and Tsang, such as Sakya (sa skya dgon).

When he was staying at the master Jamyang Sarma's ('jam dbyangs gsar ma) monastery of Kyangdur (rkyang 'dur), Kunpang received the transmission of all the treatises and oral instructions possessed by the great Choku Ozer (chos sku 'od zer). In particular, although he had previously studied the Ra (rwa) tradition of Kālacakra, he now received from Choku Ozer the Kālacakra initiation, the explanation of the Kālacakra Tantra, the great Vimalaprabhā commentary, and an experiential transmission of the Kālacakra completion-stage practices of the six-branch yoga in the Dro ('bro) tradition. This caused exceptional experience and realization to burst forth. He also studied with Yeshe Rinchen (ye shes rin chen).

In total, Kunpang received and practiced about seventeen different traditions of the six-branch yoga. When he was meditating on stopping vitality (srog rtsol), which is the third of the six branches, it is said that the vital winds of the five elements became extremely forceful and he gained amazing paranormal abilities. He also had visions of countless deities, such as the eleven-faced form of Avalokiteśvara.
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Affiliations & relations

  • Jonang · religious affiliation
  • Yeshe Rinchen · teacher
  • Chos sku 'od zer · teacher
  • Shes rab 'od zer · teacher
  • G.yang 'bar · teacher
  • Yonten Gyatso · student
  • Jangsem Gyelwa Yeshe · student
  • Yon tan rgya mtsho · student
  • Grags pa rgyal mtshan · student
  • Ratna gu ru · student
  • Kun dga' rgyal ba · student
  • Dbang rgyal · student