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James Mark Shields

James Mark Shields is Associate Professor of Comparative Humanities and Asian Thought at Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA), Japan Foundation Visiting Research Fellow at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Kyoto, Japan), and Research Associate with the Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, Harvard University. He was educated at McGill University (Canada), the University of Cambridge (UK), and Kyoto University (Japan). He conducts research on modern Buddhist thought, Japanese philosophy, comparative ethics, and philosophy of religion. He has published articles and translations in Asian Philosophy, The Eastern Buddhist, Japan Review, Studies in Religion / Sciences religieuses, Journal of Religion and Society, Kultura i Politkya, and Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions. He is author of Critical Buddhism: Engaging with Modern Japanese Buddhist Thought (Ashgate, 2011) and co-editor (with Victor Sōgen Hori and Richard P. Hayes) of Teaching Buddhism in the West: From the Wheel to the Web (Routledge, 2003). He is currently working on a book manuscript entitled Warp and Woof: Modernism and Progressivism in Japanese Buddhism, 1886–1936. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Japanese Philosophy. (Source Accessed Jan 15, 2020)

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Affiliations & relations

  • Bucknell University · workplace affiliation
  • International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Kyoto, Japan) · secondary affiliation
  • Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, Harvard University. · secondary affiliation