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PeopleZhang ston bstan pa rgya mtsho

Shangton Tenpa Gyatso(1825 - 1897) 

Shangton Tenpa Gyatso was born in Tseshung (rtse gzhung) in 1825. His father's name was Nyingkar bum. and his mother was Tsering Drolma. He entered Bkra-shis-'khyil monastery in 1837. He later took the Tshogs-bsags rab-'byams-pa degree in 1845. He went to Pe-cin to become the yongs 'dzin of the Thu'u-bkwan in 1854. His collected works (gsung 'bum) comprise four volumes (79 sections). His Collected Works can be found here. (Adapted from Source Sep 1 2020)

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Affiliations & relations

  • Father: snying dkar 'bum · familial relation
  • Mother: tshe ring sgrol ma · familial relation
  • shes rab rgya mtsho · teacher
  • thub bstan 'jigs med rgya mtsho · teacher
  • dkon mchog rgyal mtshan · teacher
  • dkon mchog rgya mtsho · teacher
  • blo gsal rgya mtsho · teacher
  • bstan 'dzin · teacher
  • dge 'dun bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho · student
  • skal bzang thub bstan dbang phyug · student
  • 'jigs med 'phrin las rgya mtsho · student
  • blo bzang dbang phyug bshad sgrub rgya mtsho · student
  • 'jigs med blo gros rgya mtsho · student