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  • People/Karthar, Khenpo (category Authors of English Works, Abbots, Khenpos, Ordained (Monks and Nuns), Tibetan Buddhist Teachers)
    including The Quintessence of the Union of Mahamudra and Dzokchen; Dharma Paths; Instructions of Gampopa; Bardo: Interval of Possibility; The Wish-Fulfilling
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  • People/Dzogchen Ponlop, The 7th (category Authors of English Works, Ordained (Monks and Nuns), Tulkus, Tibetan Buddhist Teachers, Abbots)
    1965) is an abbot of Dzogchen Monastery, founder and spiritual director of Nalandabodhi, founder of Nītārtha Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies, a leading
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  • teens and was ordained as a Buddhist nun at the age of 22 by H.H. the 16th Karmapa. She was the first American to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun in
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