Zab mo gzhan stong dbu ma'i brgyud 'debs

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LibraryCommentariesZab mo gzhan stong dbu ma'i brgyud 'debs

zab mo gzhan stong dbu ma'i brgyud 'debs
Supplication to the Profound Other-Emptiness Madhyamaka Lineage

Tāranātha's lineage supplication to the other-emptiness Madhyamaka tradition that was preserved by the Jonang school. Tāranātha traces the origin of the other-emptiness to the Buddha, who passed it down through Maitreya, Asaṅga, Vasubandhu to Maitripa or from Vasubandhu through Sthiramati, Guṇamāti, et al. to Maitrīpa, or from Buddha through Vajrapaṇi, Rahulabhadra, Nāgārjuna, Śabari, Maitrīpa, from Maitrīpa through Anandakīrti, Ratnakaraśānti, Sajjṇāna, Anandavajra, then in Tibet through Tsen Khawoche, et al. until Tāranātha.

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