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Chen-kuo Lin is Professor Emeritus of Buddhist Philosophy at National Chengchi University. He also serves as Director of the Sheng Yen Center for Chinese Buddhist Studies. Currently there are four research projects under his supervision: (1) "An Annotated Translation of Dharmapāla’s Cheng weishi baosheng lun," (2) "Exploring Buddhism in Early Modern East Asia through the Manuscripts and Rare Copies," (3) "Mapping the Buddhist Scholasticism during the Edo Period," and (4) "Re-examining the Philosophical Debate between Bhāviveka and Dharmapāla in the Sino-Indic Buddhist Context." His recent research focuses on epistemology in Chinese Buddhism and application of syllogism in Buddhist hermeneutics. He is the author of three books: Emptiness and Method: Explorations in Cross-Cultural Buddhist Philosophy (Taipei: The NCCU Press, 2012), Emptiness and Modernity: From the Kyoto School, Modern Neo-Confucianism to Multivocal Hermeneutics (Taipei: New Century Publication, 1999), A Passage of Dialectics (Taipei: New Century Publication, 2002), and several articles in Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Journal of Indian Philosophy, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy and Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. His recent edited volumes include (1) A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism, co-edited with Michael Radich (Hamburg: University of Hamburg Press, 2014), (2) A Collection of the Rare Manuscripts of the Commentaries on Dignāga’s Ālamabanaparīkṣā in Early Modern East Asia, co-edited with Kaiting Jien (Kaohsiung: Fo Guang Publishing Co., 2018). (Source Accessed July 23, 2020)

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