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Designed with the beginner in mind, these slides will introduce the main themes and issues related to the concept of Buddha-Nature in Buddhism.

What is Buddha-Nature?
The Questions
The History
The Texts
The Traditions
The People
Multimedia List
Dharma Teachings List

Go deeper into the details of the ideas and philosophical questions that have generated debate for centuries.

Tathāgatagarbha Across Asia Symposium Event Page
Explore The Questions
Explore The Ideas
Explore The People
Explore The History
Explore The Topics
The Seven Vajra Topics
The Nine Similes
The Traditions of Ngok and Tsen
Other-Emptiness and the Great Middle Way
Mahāmudrā & Buddha-Nature
Dzogchen & Buddha-Nature
Tantra & Buddha-Nature
Contemporary Masters on Buddha-Nature
The Library

A curated space for publications on buddha-nature including original writings and recordings.

Books Dissertations
Articles Interviews
Sutras Commentaries
People Multimedia
Buddha-Nature Glossary
The Literature

Texts and multilingual resources on buddha-nature. Including primary and secondary sources as well as an expanded presentation of the root verses.

Primary Sources
   The Ratnagotravibhaga
    The Multilingual Root Text
   Sutra Sources
   Commentary Sources
Secondary Sources