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Use this form to search through 135 glossaries published in modern translations of Tibetan texts. You can search in Tibetan or English, Wylie or script. Please read carefully below for details on search options.

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  • For most accurate results, we recommend keeping the default "Exact match" and using wylie transliteration.
  • For wider results, we recommend searching "Anywhere", all lower-case.

About search types
Anywhere This will perform your search against any language fields. It will also include results containing your search string within a term's definition or translation.
Exact match This will match your search terms exactly as you wrote them in any of the possible fields.
  • You have to be sure about what you are searching.
  • Searching chos dbyings will only list entries with chos dbyings in the Wylie field. It will not list chos dbyings ye shes, for example. For that, try "Anywhere".
  • This search type is case sensitive.
Language selections Selecting any of the different language fields will perform your search only within that particular language entry.
  • Looking for chos nyid within Chinese will [obviously] yield no results.
  • Also, all non-western scripts should be typed in Unicode.
Phonetics This will only search within our catch-all anglicized field, be it english pronunciation of Tibetan (non-wylie), or westernized Sanskrit (i.e. without proper diacritics, etc.) or Chinese phonetics, etc.
Term Definition This will only search within longer definitions from glossaries that contain them. Longer definitions are actual explanations of terms, as opposed to simple English translations.