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Cheng Chien Bhikshu (Mario Poceski)

Mario Poceski received both his MA (1995, Chinese Language and Culture) and PhD (2000, Buddhist Studies) at UCLA. His main research areas include Chinese Buddhist history, literature, and philosophy, with a focus on the Tang period (618–907). He also has research and teaching interests in medieval Chinese history, Chan/Zen Buddhism, Korean and Japanese Buddhism, monastic culture and institutions, religious pluralism, and globalization of Buddhism. He has published extensively, including four books: Introducing Chinese Religions (2009), Ordinary Mind as the Way: The Hongzhou School and the Growth of Chan Buddhism (2007), Manifestation of the Tathāgata: Buddhahood According to the Avatamsaka Sūtra (1993), and Sun-Face Buddha: The Teachings of Ma-tsu and the Hung-chou School of Ch'an (1993, 2000) (the latter two of which are published under the name, Cheng Chien Bhikshu). Dr. Poceski is currently Associate Professor in the Religion Department of University of Florida. (Source Accessed Nov 23, 2020)

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