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Dōgen(1200/01/19 - 1253/09/22)

Dōgen Zenji (道元禅師; 19 January 1200– 22 September 1253), also known as Dōgen Kigen (道元希玄), Eihei Dōgen (永平道元), Kōso Jōyō Daishi (高祖承陽大師), or Busshō Dentō Kokushi (仏性伝東国師), was a Japanese Buddhist priest, writer, poet, philosopher, and founder of the Sōtō school of Zen in Japan.

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Other names

  • Dōgen Kigen (道元希玄) · other names
  • Dōgen Zenji (道元禅師) · other names
  • Eihei Dōgen (永平道元) · other names
  • Kōso Jōyō Daishi (高祖承陽大師) · other names
  • Busshō Dentō Kokushi (仏性伝東国師) · other names

Affiliations & relations

  • Sōtō school · religious affiliation