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Diana Y. Paul

Diana Y. Paul was born in Akron, Ohio and is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in both psychology and philosophy and of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Ph.D in Buddhist Studies.

. . . Her short stories have appeared in a number of literary journals and she is currently working on a second novel, A Perfect Match. Currently, she lives in Carmel, CA with her husband and loves to create mixed media art, focusing on printmaking in her studio.

As a Stanford professor, she has authored three books on Buddhism, one of which has been translated into Japanese and German (Women in Buddhism, University of California Press). (Source Accessed Jan 14, 2020)

Her other Buddhist works include Philosophy of Mind in Sixth-Century China: Paramartha’s Evolution of Consciousness and The Buddhist Feminine Ideal: Queen Srimala and the Tathagatagarbha.

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