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Eugène Obermiller(1901 - 1935)

Eugene Obermiller (1901–1935), as a Buddhist scholar, inherited the tradition of Ivan Minayev (1840-1890), the founder of Russian school of Indology and Buddhist studies through his teacher Fyodor Ippolitvich Shcherabatskoy (1866–1942), who was a pupil of Minayev. After obtaining his PhD from the University of Leningrad, he joined Academy of Sciences at Leningrad as an Under Secretary to the Director of the Bibliotheca Buddhica.

His published works include the translation of Bu-ston's Tibetan History of Buddhism (1932) in two volumes. He also translated the Uttaratantra or Ratnagotravibhaga (of Maitreya Asaṅga) from Tibetan and published it in 1932. Obermiller's other important work is the Sanskrit text and Tibetan translation of the Abhisamayālamkara, which he undertook as a joint venture with his teacher Shcherabatskoy and published in 1929. He also contributed papers to the Indian Historical Quarterly.

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