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Dwight Goddard(1861 - 1939)

Dwight Goddard was a Christian missionary to China when he first came in contact with Buddhism. In 1928, he spent a year living at a Zen monastery in Japan. In 1934, he founded "The Followers of Buddha, an American Brotherhood," with the goal of applying the traditional monastic structure of Buddhism more strictly than Senzaki and Sokei-an. The group was largely unsuccessful: no Americans were recruited to join as monks and attempts failed to attract a Chinese Chan (Zen) master to come to the United States. However, Goddard's efforts as an author and publisher bore considerable fruit. In 1930, he began publishing ZEN: A Buddhist Magazine. In 1932, he collaborated with D. T. Suzuki on a translation of the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra. That same year, he published the first edition of A Buddhist Bible, an anthology of Buddhist scriptures focusing on those used in Chinese and Japanese Zen. (Source Accessed Dec 3, 2019)

For an interesting article on Goddard's life, see Robert Aitken's article "Still Speaking" in the Spring 1994 issue of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

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  • D. T. Suzuki · teacher
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