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Jonang Lotsāwa Lodrö Pal(1299 - 1354) 

Lodro Pel was one of Dolpopa’s fourteen major disciples. A Sanskrit scholar, he completed a new translation of the Kālacakra Tantra and the Vimalaprabhā. Dolpopa personally selected Lodro Pel as his successor and the fifth holder of the monastic seat of Jonang Monastery. Lodro Pel also made important new additions to the art and architecture of the Jonang stupa.

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Affiliations & relations

  • jo nang · religious affiliation
  • Dol po pa · teacher
  • dpang lo tsA ba blo gros brtan pa · teacher
  • sman chu kha ba blo gros rgyal mtshan · student
  • thang po chung ba blo gros dpal · student