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Kamalagupta(b. 10th century - )

Kamalagupta was a noted Kashmīri paṇḍita active in the tenth and eleventh centuries. According to Jean Naudou (Buddhists of Kashmir, 1980), he was among many Kashmīri paṇḍitas, "including Śraddhākaravarman, Padmākaragupta, Ratnavajra, Buddhaśrīśānta and Buddhapāla, who came to Tibet at the invitation of Ye-śes ’od : that is the start of a period of continuous exchangs [sic] between Kaśmīr and Mṅa-ris . . ." (163).

Kamalagupta and Rinchen Zangpo (958–1055) translated the Mahāparinirvāṇasūtra in Tibet in the eleventh century (D121). An earlier translation of this text (D120) was made in the ninth century by Jinamitra, Jñānagarbha, and Devacandra.

Kamalagupta often collaborated with Rinchen Zangpo, and they translated many books from Sanskrit to Tibetan together. (Source Accessed Aug 19, 2020)

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