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Dan Martin

Currently a literary translator for The Institute of Tibetan Classics, Dan Martin completed his doctoral degree in Tibetan Studies with minors in Religious Studies and Anthropology at the Department of Central Eurasian Studies in 1991. He has taught courses as a Visiting Lecturer at Indiana, Hamburg, and Harvard Universities. He has held research positions in Bloomington, Oslo, and Jerusalem. His publications include over 30 articles as well as books entitled Mandala Cosmogony, Harrassowitz (Wiesbaden 1994), Unearthing Bon Treasures, Brill (Leiden 2001), and the bibliography Tibetan Histories, Serindia (London 1997). His main areas of research fall within the realm of the cultural history of Tibet, from the tenth century to the twentieth. His interests are in Indian and Tibetan literature, medicine and religions, as well as Eurasian interconnections in the same fields. These days he is finalizing a translation of a 400-page history of Buddhism in India and Tibet composed in the late 13th century. (Source Accessed Aug 3, 2020)