Matthieu Ricard: Conversations on Buddha-Nature 10-24-2020

From Buddha-Nature

Matthieu Ricard
Buddha-Nature, Happiness and Altruism
October 24, 2020 · 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time
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Description & Participants

Buddha-Nature, Happiness and Altruism
October 24, 2020 · 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time

In this online interview, the first of a series titled "Conversations on Buddha-Nature," Lopen Dr. Karma Phuntsho and Matthieu Ricard discuss the meaning of buddha-nature, Matthieu's first encounter with buddha-nature teachings, whether buddha-nature is a seed to be cultivated or something that must be revealed, and whether it is possible to enhance the qualities of buddha-nature without meditation and practice. In addition to these topics, Matthieu also answers questions from the attendees.


Matthieu Ricard
Your Host

Lopen Dr. Karma Phuntsho

Conversations on Buddha-Nature

A Tsadra Foundation Event
Regular live interviews with Buddhist practitioners, scholars, and thinkers.
This is a space for stimulating and inspiring conversations on Buddha-Nature and related subjects. As a part of the Buddha-Nature Project of the Tsadra Foundation, Karma Phuntsho will host conversations with a Buddhist leader, influencer or expert each month on the theories and practices of Buddha-Nature, which will be live on Facebook. As an exercise of mindful listening, right speech, and wholesome exploration of meaning and nature of life and existence, these conversations aim to enhance the understanding and awareness of Buddha-Nature and promote the ethos of innate goodness and positive perception.

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