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Drokmi Lotsāwa(992/993 - 1043/1072)

Drokmi Lotsāwa Śākya Yeshe ('brog mi lo tsA ba shAkya ye shes) was a member of the Ban (ban) branch of the Drokmi ('brog mi) clan. Little is known about his early life, but his year of birth is given as 992. He traveled to India and Nepal, learned Sanskrit, and then studied grammar, epistemology, writing, astrology, and tantra. In Tibet and Nepal, he translated nearly seventy tantric texts with South Asian Buddhist masters such as Gayādhara, Prajñendraruci, also known as Viravajra, the Ceylonese yogini Candramāla, Ratnavajra, Ratnaśrīimitra and possibly Prajñāgupta as well.

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Other names

  • ཤཱཀྱ་ཡེ་ཤེས་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • སྤང་མཁར་མུ་གུ་ལུང་པ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • shAkya ye shes · other names (Wylie)
  • spang mkhar mu gu lung pa · other names (Wylie)

Affiliations & relations

  • sa skya · religious affiliation
  • Gayādhara · teacher
  • Prajñendraruci · teacher
  • se ston kun rig · student
  • 'khon dkon mchog rgyal po · student