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Ven. Cheng Kuan(b. 1947 - ) 

The Venerable Cheng Kuan is the founder, president, and abbot of Americana Buddhist Temple (Michigan) and Mahavairocana Temple (Taiwan), as well as the founder and president of the Neo-carefree Garden Buddhist Canon Translation Institute (Taiwan).

He became an ordained Buddhist monk in 1988 under Master Hsien-Ming (the 45th-generation patriarchate holder of the Tien-Tai sect).

Born in 1947 in Taipei, Taiwan, he graduated from the English department of Taiwan Normal University (1977–1978) and attended graduate school at Texas Christian University (1979–1982).

His publications include many translations of Buddhist sutras: The Sutra of 42 Chapters (2005), The Diamond Sutra (2005), The Altar Sutra (2005), The Sutra of Consumate Enlightenment (2009), The Sutra of Terra-Treasure (2009), The Heart Sutra (2012), and The Lotus Sutra of Wondrous Dharma (2014).

His other writings in English include: The Sweet Dews of Ch'an (1995), Three Contemplations toward Buddha Nature (2002), and Tapping the Inconceivable (2002). (Source: Adapted from author's biography in Three Contemplations Toward Buddha Nature, 2018)

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  • Americana Buddhist Temple (Michigan) · workplace affiliation
  • Mahavairocana Temple (Taiwan) · workplace affiliation
  • Neo-carefree Garden Buddhist Canon Translation Institute (Taiwan) · workplace affiliation