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Xuezhu Li is a research assistant at the Institute for Religious Research at the China Tibetology Research Center, Beijing. Li Xuezhu was born in Fuding, Fujian in 1966. He studied in Otani University, Kyoto, Japan in 1993. He has obtained master's and doctorate degrees in Buddhist studies at the Graduate School of Literature at the university. The main research directions are China's third theory of Zongji Tibetan doctrine and Indian Mahayana Buddhism meso-ideology, especially a deep study of the meso-doctrine of Yingcheng Zhongguan, a representative of the two middle schools of India's mid-level mesozoism. The doctoral dissertation "Research on the Thought of the Mean of the Moon" is mainly through the interpretation of the Tibetan translations of the representative work of the Moon, "Into the Middle", and the interpretation of Sanskrit documents such as the "Ming Sentence Theory" and "The Thinning of the Theory of Entering the Bodhidharma" to accurately grasp the month. On the basis of the so-called meso-idea, I conducted a comparative study with the three theories of Ji Zang, the master of meso-ideology in China, and made a more in-depth comparison in methodology and critical criticism. Yue said that the theorist is a famous Indian Buddhist scholar in the seventh century, which has a great influence on the later Indian Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. He was praised by Master Tsongkhapa as the master who can correctly inherit the righteous views of the pioneer of the Mahayana Buddhism, and designated his The masterpiece "Into the Middle" is one of the five major theories of the Gelug monks.
      After returning to China in April 2002, he worked at the Institute of Religion of the China Tibetology Research Center, engaged in the study of Sanskrit literature, and has participated in many international cooperative research projects such as the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Ryukyu University, Leipzig University, etc. since 2006. He collated and published Sanskrit texts such as "The Theory of Five Yuns" and "The Five Hundred Songs of Prajna Sutra", and has published more than 40 papers in academic journals at home and abroad. The Sanskrit Baye Scriptures currently being collated and studied include "Into the Middle School", "Abida Mill Lamp Theory", "Muni's Interesting and Solemn Theory", "Abida Mill Mill Collection" and so on. (Source Accessed July 7, 2020)

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