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Kaie Mochizuki

Kaie Mochizuki is professor and vice president at Minobusan University in Yamanashi Japan. His areas of specialization include Indian philosophy, Chinese philosophy, and Tibetan and Indian Buddhism. He is also a translator of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist works into Japanese. He currently teaches in the Nichiren major at Minobusan. His many publications in the field include: '"Are the Madhyamikas Sunyatavadins?" (in Three Mountains and Seven Rivers, Motilal Banarsidass 2004), "A Study on the Basic Idea of Lamrim in Tibetan Buddhism" (Minobusan University 2005), "Teaching of Buddhism" (Nichiren-shu 2005), and Knowing Wisdom, Repaying Kindness (Minobusan University 2007). His most recent project includes research on the development of the Lotus sūtra in inner Asia. According to his bio on the Minobusan faculty page, he "specializes in deciphering the classical literature of India and Tibet and analyzing its history of thought, but he is also interested in movies and music. Not only Atisha, but also Aki Kaurisumaki and Neil Young." (Source Accessed May, 14 2020)

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