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Andrew Rawlinson

Andrew Rawlinson was a war baby (b.1943) and lived in 17 different places by the time he was six. He got hit early on: Elvis, Jelly Roll Morton, Samuel Johnson, John Keats, Jack Kerouac, Cezanne, Pollock. And Zeus. He added philosophy and Indian traditions to rock’n’roll, jazz and literature. He was a scholar at Cambridge and did a Ph.D on the Lotus Sūtra at the University of Lancaster. He taught Buddhism for 20 years and put on a course on Altered States of Consciousness at Berkeley and Santa Barbara. He is the author of The Book of Enlightened Masters: Western Teachers on Eastern Traditions (Open Ciourt, 1997) and The Hit: Into the Rock’n’Roll Universe and Beyond (99 Press, 2014). (Source Accessed May 19, 2020)

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