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Anton Luis Sevilla

I do research on philosophy of education and ethics, drawing from and comparing Japanese philosophy (the Kyoto School of Philosophy), American philosophy (contemplative pedagogy, care ethics, Deweyan philosophy), and continental philosophy (existential education, post-structuralism). I am particularly interested in the ethical, existential, and spiritual aspects of education, and the kind of human relationships involved therein. My Ph.D. research was on Watsuji Tetsurô and the ethics of emptiness, which I completed under Buddhist philosopher Sueki Fumihiko (at the Graduate University of Advanced Studies, based in Nichibunken, Kyoto). I came to Kyushu University just this year (2015), but prior to this I taught in the Department of Philosophy of the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines for five years. (Source Accessed Aug 6, 2020)

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