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Hao Sun

Hao Sun, born 1987 in Nanjing, China, finished his major subjects of Sanskrit and Pali Languages & Literatures and minor subject of Japanese Language at Peking University, where he worked as one of the translators in the translation programme of Dīghanikāya from Pali into modern Chinese (published in 2012) and gained a Master’s degree with his work on Dvattiṃsākāraṃ of the Pāli Canon. He was an exchange-student from 2007 to 2008 at the Nepal Sanskrit University in Kathmandu. Since 2012 he pursued his doctor’s degree at the University of Hamburg. His PhD thesis centered on the Buddha-nature thought in the Śrīmālāsūtra. He is now working on the project "The Ethical Framework for Buddhist Meditation Practice". (Source Accessed July 18, 2023)

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  • Numata Center for Buddhist Studies, University of Hamburg · workplace affiliation