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Tong Ācārya (rgya'i lo ts+tsha ba ban d+he tong A tsarya) was a monk who participated in the translation of the Aṅgulimālīyasūtra into Tibetan in the late eighth or early ninth century. It is not known whether he was Indian or Chinese. According to Kazuo Kano, the colophon to the sūtra in the Tabo version of the Tibetan canon states that both Sanskrit and Chinese were used by the translators, and that while it refers to Tong Ācārya as an Indian paṇḍit (rgya gar gyi mkhan po), in other versions of versions of the canon he is called a Chinese translator (rgya'i lo tsA ba). The translation team on the sūtra included also Dharmatāśīla and Śākyaprabha.

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