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Satis Chandra Vidyābhūṣaṇa(1870 - 1920) 
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Satish Chandra Vidyabhusan was born in 1870 in Rajbari District, British India. His father, Pitambar Vidyavagish, was a Pandit and astronomer. In 1888, Satish Chandra passed entrance from Nabadwip Hindu School, and in 1892 passed the B.A with Sanskrit Honours from Krishnagar Government College with a gold medal. He was the first Indian who obtain M.A degree in Pali from Calcutta University.
      Vidyabhushan was known for his distinguished knowledge in Indian logic and Tibetan Buddhist Texts. He, along with Sarat Chandra Das, prepared the Tibetan-English dictionary. Vidyabhusan went to Śri Lanka in 1910 for study and on his return he was appointed the Principal of Sanskrit College, Kolkata. He became the Assistant editor of the Buddhist Text Society. He edited the magazine of Bangiya Sahitya Parisad for 22 years. Vidyabhushan was a linguist having knowledge in Buddhist literature, Chinese, Japanese, German and French language. Vidyabhushan authored a number of books on Buddhist Tibetan culture, logic, Sanskrit and Systems of Indian Philosophy. In 1906 he received the title of Mahamahopadhyaya and got Ph.D. in 1908.

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