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Kunga Yeshe Gyatso(b. 16th/17th century - )
Kunga Yeshe Gyatso was a Jonangpa scholar who lived in the 16th to 17th centuries. His teachers were Tāranātha (1575–1634) and Kunga Rinchen Gyatso. He is the author of a collection of annotations on Tāranātha's Dbu ma theg mchog among other works.

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Other names

  • རྒྱལ་ཚབ་ཡེ་ཤེས་རྒྱ་མཚོ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • རྗེ་དྲུང་ཡེ་ཤེས་རྒྱ་མཚོ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • Rgyal tshab ye shes rgya mtsho · other names (Wylie)
  • Rje drung ye shes rgya mtsho · other names (Wylie)

Affiliations & relations

  • Jonang · religious affiliation
  • TA ra nA tha · teacher
  • Kun dga' rin chen rgya mtsho · teacher
  • Byams pa yon tan mgon po · student
  • Snying po mtha' yas · student
  • Kun bzang dbang po · student