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Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol(1781 - 1851) 

Zhabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol was a Nyingma lama in Amdo active in the first half of the nineteenth century. A native of the tantric practice center of Rebkong, Zhabkar meditated in sacred places across the Tibetan Plateau, including Labchi and Kailash. His autobiography is a classic of Tibetan literature, much beloved for its simple and moving account of the life of a wandering yogin from childhood until his ultimate spiritual realization. He was a teacher to many of the nineteenth century's greatest lamas of Kham and Amdo.

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  • tshogs drug rang grol · other names (Wylie)
  • zhabs dkar ba tshogs drug rang grol · other names (Wylie)
  • zhabs dkar 01 · other names (Wylie)

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  • Cho clan · familial relation
  • Nyingma · religious affiliation
  • ngag dbang dar rgyas · teacher
  • blo bzang bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho · teacher
  • 'jam dpal rdo rje · teacher
  • Pema Rangdol · student
  • skal ldan rang grol · student
  • Patrul Orgyen Jigme Chokyi Wangpo · student
  • sangs rgyas rin chen · student
  • sna tshogs rang grol · student
  • kun bzang stobs ldan dbang po · student
  • Japa Dongak Gyatso · student