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Muge Samten Gyatso(1914 - 1993) 
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Muge Samten Gyatso is most famous for his role as one of the so-called Three Great Scholars after the Cultural Revolution. This epithet is drawn from tenth century Tibetan history when the first Three Great Scholars brought the Dharma to Eastern Tibet due to Langdarma's persecution of Buddhism in central Tibet. Thus this title indicates how Muge Samten and the other two Great Scholars, Dungkar Lobzang Trinle and Alak Tseten Zhabdrung, contributed significantly to the revival of Tibetan scholarship, both at monasteries and secular institutions, following a near twenty-year vacuum due to various political campaigns. Many of today's great Tibetologists both int he PRC and abroad studied with one of these Three Great Scholars. A native of Amdo, Muge Samten trained with some of the great lamas of his day at Muge Tashi Khorlo and Labrang. He was active in modern education, and went to Beijing twice to serve on committees overseeing Tibetan language policy for the PRC.

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