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It was the Buddhist nun and travel writer Alexandra David-Néel (1868–1969) who brought the manuscript “Illuminator, a Light of Gnosis – The Great Commentary on The Single Intention” by Dorje Sherab from Asia to France. The German foundation Garchen Stiftung reproduced the precious manuscript in its original size and colors. Thus the work is available to an audience of traditional and western experts as well as students of the Tibetan language.

Citation Dorje Sherab (rdo rje shes rab). Illuminator, a Light of Gnosis: The Great Commentary on the Single Intention (dGongs gcig 'grel chen snang mdzad ye shes sgron me). With an Introduction by Jan-Ulrich Sobisch. The Manuscript at the Musée Guimet in Paris Brought to France by Alexandra David-Néel. Reproduction of the Manuscript in Its Original Size and Colors. Munich: Edition Garchen Stiftung, 2015.