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Drolungpa Lodrö Jungne(b. 11th century - ) 

Drolungpa Lodrö Jungne was a disciple of rNgog lo tsā ba Blo ldan shes rab. Among his important works include a biography (rnam thar) of Blo ldan shes rab as well as the Great Stages of the Doctrine (Bstan rim chen mo), which served as a model for Tsongkhapa's Lam rim texts.

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"Gro-lung-pa follows faithfully rNgog’s interpretation as found in the latter’s gloss on RGV 1.27-28—the two verses that teach the dharmakāya, tathatā and the gotra as being three reasons why all sentient beings possess Buddha-nature." Kano, K., Buddha-Nature and Emptiness, p. 340.

"Gro-lung-pa appears elsewhere in the same text to endorse rNgog’s idea of tathatā as emptiness, and follows rNgog’s position with regard to the ineffability of the ultimate." Kano, K., Buddha-Nature and Emptiness, p. 340.

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  • Bka' gdams pa · religious affiliation
  • Rngog blo ldan shes rab · teacher
  • Atīśa · teacher
  • Tshul khrims 'byung gnas · teacher
  • Phywa pa chos kyi seng+ge · student
  • Tshul khrims 'byung gnas · student