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Vasudeva V. Gokhale(1900 - 1991)

Dr. V. V. Gokhale was a professor of Buddhist studies in India. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Heidelberg and taught at Fergusson College from 1932 to 1959. He was appointed Reader in the Department of Buddhist studies at the University of Delhi and then later became Professor and Head of the department.

Dr. Gokhale maintained an interest in the Pratītyasamutpāda-sūtra and Madhyamaka philosophy throughout his career. Among his numerous articles, he wrote several on Bhāvaviveka's Tarkajvālā commentary on Nāgārjuna's Madhyamakaśāstra, and he published the Abhidharmakoṣa-kārikās of Vasubandhu. (Source: Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 74, no. 1/4 (1993), 349–51)

Affiliations & relations

  • University of Delhi · workplace affiliation
  • Department of Buddhist Studies · workplace affiliation