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Pascale Hugon

Pascale Hugon studied Indology and Tibetology at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). Her primary focus of research is the philosophical literature of Buddhism, in particular epistemology and Madhyamaka. She studies its transmission to Tibet, Tibetan interpretations, and indigenous elaborations. Following the fortunate recovery of significant texts by authors of the bKa’ gdams pa school, her current research is examining the development of Tibetan scholasticism in the 11th–13th c. Her publications include editions, translations and thematic studies based on Sanskrit and Tibetan materials.

Hugon is the head of the FWF project "Buddhist narratives and 'Tibetan' ethnogenesis" (2021–2025) and she is the Principal Investigator of the ERC-funded project "The dawn of Tibetan Buddhist scholasticism (11th–13th c.)" (TibSchol, CoG 101001002) (2021–2026).

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