What Is Buddha-Nature? by Ringu Tulku

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What Is Buddha-Nature? by Ringu Tulku
In describing the meaning of buddha-nature, Ringu Tulku explains that the point to be understood is that there is no essential difference between an enlightened being and an ordinary being, as both are the same. The enlightened being only recognizes who he/she is and the other does not. He goes on to explain how the buddha-nature teachings indicate that the enlightened state is possible for everyone, not just for a select few. The seeds of the idea of Buddha-nature, he continues, are present even in the early sūtras, and gradually such teachings became more explicit over time, especially in the Vajrayana.
Featuring Ringu Tulku
Creator Tsadra Foundation
Director Perman, M.
Producer Tsadra Foundation
Event Ringu Tulku Interview on Buddha-Nature (10 October 2019, Tsadra Foundation, Boulder)
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Creation Date 10 October 2019
Citation Ringu Tulku. “What Is Buddha-Nature?” Interview by Marcus Perman. Tsadra Foundation Research Department, October 10, 2019. Video, 8:14. https://youtu.be/LdI_620Uj0M.