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Paramārtha(499 - 569) 

Paramārtha was an influential sixth-century translator of Indic texts into Chinese. He arrived at the Liang-dynasty court of Emperor Wu in 546 and began his work with imperial patronage. When the emperor was assassinated in 549, he went south to continue his work. In addition to the material he brought with him, such as the Mahāyānasaṃgraha and the Suvaṇaprabhāsottamasūtra, Paramārtha is credited by tradition with the translation of the Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna, although scholars now believe that the attribution is not correct. Paramārtha's translations and compositions, actual or apocryphal, were influential in spreading the Yogācāra teachings in China, including the doctrine of amalavijñāna, the ninth consciousness.

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