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Khenpo Zopa(12th century - late 12th century) 

Khenpo Zopa (mkhan po bzod pa) was born in the Drigung Valley some time in the early twelfth century. Where he received ordination is not known.

It appears that he studied with Lama Zhang Yudrakpa (bla ma zhang g.yu brag pa, 1123-1193), and possibly participated in the establishment of Tsel Gungtang (tshal gung thang); he gave ordination there to Nyima Sherab (nyi ma shes rab, 1139-1208), a contemporary of Jikten Gonpo and the founder of Rokam Monastery (ro skam dgon pa).

He seems to have helped in the establishment of Drigung Til Monastery ('bri gung mthil) in 1179. He studied with Jikten Gonpo Rinchen Pel ('jig rten mgon po rin chen dpal, 1143-1217), the founder of the monastery, and became one of the most important holders of the Vinaya tradition at Drigung, presiding over the ordination ceremonies.
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Affiliations & relations

  • Drigung Kagyu · religious affiliation
  • 'bri gung skyobs pa 'jig rten mgon po · teacher
  • brtson 'grus grags pa · teacher
  • sangs rgyas 'bum · student
  • nyi ma shes rab · student