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Kyotön Mönlam Tsultrim(1219 - 1299) 

Kyotön Mönlam Tsultrim was born into the Kyo (skyod) clan at a place named Tanakyang (rta nag yang), in U (dbus), in 1219, the earth-rabbit year of fourteenth sexagenary cycle.

He studied the complete Kadam traditions under the guidance of the sixth abbot, Sanggye Gompa Sengge Kyab (sangs rgyas sgom pa seng ge skyabs, 1179-1250) and the seventh abbot of Nartang Monastery (snar thang dgon), Chim Namkha Drak (mchims nam mkha’ grags, 1210-1285).
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  • Kadam · religious affiliation
  • mchims nam mkha' grags · teacher
  • bcom ldan rig pa'i ral gri · student
  • grags pa brtson 'grus · student
  • Btsun pa sangs rgyas yon tan bzang po · student