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Vasubandhu(b. 4th-5th century - ) 
དབྱིག་གཉེན་ · 世親
Vasubandhu, who lived around the Fourth century CE, was one of India's most prominent Buddhist philosophers. His prolific writings record an odyssey through the systems of the leading Buddhist schools of his day. Though primarily venerated by later Buddhists as co-founder of the Yogācāra school with his half-brother Asaṅga, his pre-Yogācāra works, such as the Abhidharma-kośa and his auto-commentary (-bhāṣya) on it, have continued to be seriously studied until the present day. He wrote commentaries on many Mahāyāna texts, works on logic, devotional poetry, works on Abhidharma classifications (see below), as well as original and innovative philosophical treatises. Many of his writings survive in their original Sanskrit form, but others, particularly his commentaries, are extant only in Chinese or Tibetan translations. (Source: Dan Lusthaus)

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  • སློབ་དཔོན་དབྱིག་གཉེན་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • slob dpon dbyig gnyen · other names (Wylie)

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  • Half-brother of Asaṅga · familial relation