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The Third Changkya, Rolpai Dorje(1717 - 1786) 

The Third Changkya, Rolpai Dorje (lcang skya 03 rol pa'i rdo rje) was born in 1717 in the Drakkar territory of Nub Padmo De Monastery (nub padmo'i sde dgon) outside Liangzhou (lang gru), modern-day Wuwei. Nub Padmo De was one of four monasteries that Sakya Paṇḍita Kunga Gyeltsen (sa skya paN+Di ta kun dga' rgyal mtshan, 1182-1251) and Pakpa Lodro Gyeltsen ('phags pa blo gros rgyal mtshan, 1235-1280) established in the region in the thirteenth century. His father was Tsangpa Guru Tenzin (tshangs pa gu ru bstan 'dzin, d.u.) and his mother was called Bukyi (bu skyid). His family was of Monguor descent.

Rolpai Dorje was recognized as a reincarnation of the Second Changkya, Ngawang Lobzang Choden (lcang skya 02 ngag dbang blo bzang chos ldan, 1642-1714) in 1720 and brought to his monastic seat, Gonlung Jampa Ling (dgon lung byams pa gling), one of the four most important Geluk monasteries in Amdo.

He was taken to the Qing imperial court in 1724, after his home monastery was destroyed by Qing troops in response to the rebellion led by Lobzang Danjin (blo bzang dan jin, d.u.). Rolpai Dorje was later identified as an incarnation of the great Sakya scholar and statesman, Pakpa Lodro Gyeltsen ('phags pa blo gros rgyal mtshan, 1235-1280) as well.
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Other names

  • ye shes bstan pa'i sgron me, lcang skya · other names (Wylie)
  • Changkya 03 Rolpai Dorje · other names
  • Changkya Yeshe Tenpai Dronme · other names
  • Rolpai Dorje · other names

Affiliations & relations

  • blo bzang ye shes · teacher
  • ngag dbang byams pa · teacher
  • blo bzang chos 'dzin · teacher
  • blo bzang bstan 'dzin rgyal mtshan · teacher
  • blo bzang 'phrin las · teacher
  • ngag dbang don grub · teacher
  • dkon mchog 'jigs med dbang po · student
  • blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma · student
  • skal bzang thub bstan 'jigs med rgya mtsho · student
  • ngag dbang blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan · student
  • bstan pa'i mgon po · student
  • dge 'dun 'phrin las rab rgyas · student
  • blo bzang 'phrin las · student
  • blo bzang bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan · student
  • ye shes bstan pa'i nyi ma · student
  • bsam gtan phun tshogs · student
  • dge legs nam mkha' · student
  • 'gyur med tshe dbang mchog grub · student
  • 'jigs med lung rigs rgya mtsho · student
  • blo bzang snyan grags · student
  • skal bzang mthu stobs dpal 'bar · student