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Rongzom Chökyi Zangpo(1042 - 1136) 

Rongzom Chokyi Zangpo was an eleventh-century Tibetan translator, author, and exegete of Buddhist literature. Among his translations and commentarial works are important scriptures transmitted as part of the first and second period of Buddhist diffusion in Tibet. He is a seminal figure for the Nyingma, traditionally described as the last translator of the early translation period. His work as a translator and exegete is nevertheless also important to the later translation period and the so-called New Schools of Tibetan Buddhism. His prodigious literary output––including his early and influential commentary on Guhyagarbhatantra and his vociferous defense of Tibet's Dzogchen tradition––affirm his place as the first of the three luminaries of the Nyingma tradition, alongside Longchenpa and Ju Mipam Gyatso.

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  • རོང་ཟོམ་པ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • རོང་ཟོམ་པཎྜི་ཏ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • rong zom pa · other names (Wylie)
  • rong zom paN+Di ta · other names (Wylie)

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