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Rongzom Chökyi Zangpo(1042 - 1136) 

An important figure in the renaissance of the Rnying ma tradition in Tibet. His collected works in two volumes include the Rdzogs pa chen po’i lta sgom (Instructions on Cultivating the View of the Great Perfection) and a seminal work on sdom gsum (three codes) Dam tshig mdo rgyas. He was learned in the older traditions based on earlier translations and in the new traditions that spread after the return of the translators Rin chen bzang po and Rngog Legs pa'i shes rab. Traditionally, he is said to be the recipient of teachings deriving from Heshang Moheyan, Vairocana, and Vimalamitra—important figures of the early dissemination (snga dar)— and it is said that upon meeting Atiśa Dīpaṃkaraśrījñāna after his arrival in Tibet, Atiśa considered him a manifestation of his teacher Nag po pa (Kṛṣṇapāda). Rong zom instructed many important figures of the day, including the translator Mar pa, prior to his departure for India. (Source: "Rong zom Chos kyi bzang po." In The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, 720–1. Princeton University Press, 2014.

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