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'phags pa rgya cher rol pa zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo
fāng guǎng dà zhuāng yán jīng
The Play in Full
D95   ·  T187
The Play in Full tells the story of how the Buddha manifested in this world and attained awakening, as perceived from the perspective of the Great Vehicle. The sūtra, which is structured in twenty-seven chapters, first presents the events surrounding the Buddha’s birth, childhood, and adolescence in the royal palace of his father, king of the Śākya nation. It then recounts his escape from the palace and the years of hardship he faced in his quest for spiritual awakening. Finally the sūtra reveals his complete victory over the demon Māra, his attainment of awakening under the Bodhi tree, his first turning of the wheel of Dharma, and the formation of the very early saṅgha. (Source: 84000)
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Canonical Genre ~ Kangyur · Sūtra · mdo sde · Sūtranta
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