Rig pa rang shar chen po'i rgyud

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de bzhin gshegs pa thams kyi ting nge 'dzin yongs su bshad pa / ye shes 'dus pa'i mdo / theg pa chen po / gsang ba bla na med pa'i rgyud / chos thams cad kyi 'byung gnas / sangs rgyas thams cad kyi dgongs pa / gsang sngags gcig pa'i ye shes / rdzogs pa chen po'i don gsal bar byed pa'i rgyud / rig pa rang shar chen po'i rgyud

One of the seventeen tantras belonging to the Unsurpassable Secret Cycle (ཡང་གསང་བླ་མེད་ཀྱི་སྐོར་) or Seminal Heart (སྙིང་ཐིག་) series of the Secret Instruction Class (མན་ངག་སྡེ་) of Dzogchen teachings, this was considered to have been passed down from Vimalamitra in the 8th century although modern scholars consider this be a Tibetan composition of later period. The tantra discusses luminosity and awareness.

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