Theg pa chen po'i bstan bcos rgyud bla ma'i 'grel pa

From Buddha-Nature

LibraryCommentariesTheg pa chen po'i bstan bcos rgyud bla ma'i 'grel pa

mdo sngags rjes su 'brel bar byed pa'i bstan bcos chen po rgyud bla ma'i 'grel pa

A commentary on the Ratnagotravibhāga by the famed scholar Bodong Paṇchen Chokle Namgyal. He considers this text a connector between sūtra and mantra traditions and argues that buddha-nature does not possess the qualities of the Buddha but is luminous and pure by nature.

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Text exists in ~ Tibetan
Literary Genre ~ Commentaries - 'grel pa
Commentary of ~ RKTST 3363