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Thu'u bkwan blo bzang chos kyi nyi ma(1737 - 1802) 

Tukwan Lobzang Chokyi Nyima was a prolific author, composing works in subject as diverse as biographies, dramas, astrology, doxography, tantras, poetic works, correspondences and official documents, and so forth. Originally there were about five hundred titles collected into fifteen volumes that were preserved in traditional wooden blocks in Gonlung Jampa Ling out of which ten volumes are currently preserved in the Nationalities Publishing House (mi rigs dpe bskrun khang) in Beijing.

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  • ཐུའུ་བཀྭན་༠༣་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • thu'u bkwan 3 · other names

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  • Gelug · religious affiliation