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Youtube Video Overlaps!

Migmar (talkcontribs)

Hi Jeremi,

So far the site interactivity is working perfectly fine.

But here I found a youtube videos that are overlapping.

youtube videos
Here if I play part 1 of 9 video and jump into part 2 of 9 video while playing part 1 of 9 video, first video doesn't stop automatically. It keeps playing at the background with second video.

Vimeo Videos
Here first video automatically stops after playing next video.

Thank you

JeremiP (talkcontribs)

Thanks Migmar! I will look.

Marcus (talkcontribs)

I notice that all the individual root verse pages have a little popup feedback bubble on the top left. Did you mean for that to be there? Verse I.20

JeremiP (talkcontribs)


Marcus (talkcontribs)
Marcus (talkcontribs)
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