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Yeshe De(mid-8th century - early 9th century)

Yeshe De (ye shes sde) was born into the Nanam clan (sna nam) and became one of the three foremost translators of the imperial era. He is counted among the twenty-five disciples of Padmasambhava.

As a young monk his scholarship earned him the title of 'bande' (teacher). He was perhaps the most prolific Tibetan translator in history, with hundreds of translations. Scholar Sherab Rhaldi lists 347 translations in collaboration with fifteen Indian paṇḍitas. [He] is also credited with translating the Nyingma tantras.

He is said to have taught the Abhidharma to Lhalung Pelgyi Dorje (lha lung dal gyi rdo rje).

According to Nyingma legend, he was a master of the Vajrakīlaya tantra, and is said to have realized the illusory nature of phenomena and cut the cord of mind-made karmic conditioning, which left him free to soar in the sky like a bird.
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Other names

  • སྣ་ནམ་ཡེ་ཤེས་སྡེ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • ཞང་བནྡེ་ཡེ་ཤེས་སྡེ་ · other names (Tibetan)
  • sna nam ye shes sde · other names (Wylie)
  • zhang ban+de ye shes sde · other names (Wylie)

Affiliations & relations

  • Nyingma · religious affiliation
  • Pad+ma 'byung gnas · teacher