Yon tan rin po che'i mdzod dga' ba'i char

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yon tan rin po che'i mdzod dga' ba'i char
Rain of Joy, Treasury of Precious Qualities

This is the root text of The Treasury of Precious Qualities, a famous treatise by Jikmé Lingpa, in which he expounds the entire Buddhist path, from the śrāvakayāna teachings up to the Great Perfection. The text has thirteen chapters:

  1. The Difficulty of Gaining the Freedoms and Advantages
  2. Death and Impermanence
  3. Karma: Cause and Effect
  4. The Sufferings of Samsara
  5. The Four Wheels, which are the initial entry point for supreme beings
  6. Taking Refuge, the entrance to the Buddhist Path
  7. The Entrance to the Actual Mahayana (cultivating the four immeasurables)
  8. Arousing Bodhichitta
  9. The Bodhisattva Trainings
  10. The Pitaka of the Vidyadharas
  11. The Nature of the Ground
  12. The Extraordinary Path of the Natural Great Perfection
  13. The Kayas and Wisdoms of the Ultimate Fruition

The first nine chapters comprise the sūtra section, and the last four comprise the mantra section. You can download an English translation of the root text by the Padmakara Translation Group by clicking here.

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