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Nyenchen Palyang(b. 8/9th Century - )

Despite the variations in the titles preceding the personal name, dPal-dbyangs, it seems certain that they all refer to one personage who belongs to the clan gNyan/bsNyan and who apparently was a renowned master learned in Mahāyoga tantras and rDzogs chen doctrines . . .

     . . . However, nothing is known about his life. According to Tāranātha, he lived in Kha-ra sgo-bstun, a district in gTsang where Tāranātha himself was born and gNyan is said to have founded a temple called g.Yung-drung-gi lha-khang in 'Dam-chen.

     . . . gNyan dPal-dbyangs, in later sources is considered to be a disciple of Lo-tsā-ba gNyags Jñanakumāra alias Jo-bo Zhang-drung and one of the teachers of gNubs Sangs-rgyas ye-shes, the author of the SM [Bsam gtan mig sgron] . . .

(Samten Karmay, The Great Perfection (rDzogs chen): A Philosophical and Meditative Teaching of Tibetan Buddhism, Brill's Tibetan Studies Library 11 [Leiden: Brill, 2007], 67–69.

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